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May 7th, 2020

I am building more Chillers, Musick Boxes and PK Boxes right now.
If there is something you would like me to make you that I have made in the past please email you and I will put you on a waiting list.

I like to have customers pay only when the item is all done and ready to ship out.


The Etherica Spirit Lamp

Etherica is a machine that was built to tap energy from the aether itself based on the research and writing of Hendrik Lorentz. The machine similar in concept and design to devices made at the turn of the century by Tesla, and others who attempted to harness ambient electricity in the aether as a power source, making batteries obsolete.

This machine is an early prototypes built by David Kaiser in the year 1910. It was found that the smaller scale machines worked just as well as the larger size machines. These "Lorentz" machines had two major problems, first of all they produces only a very small amount of light, no more than 1/10 the power of a candle and second of all they only worked some of the time. There was no way of knowing when the light would come on and for how long. The great mystery that vexed David Kaiser was why the machine would light up from time to time and why it would remain dark for days or even weeks at a time.

David Kaiser began to fear that somehow there was a metaphysical factor at work within the machine. Several times when he found himself all alone at night and had that strange feeling that he was being watched or the feeling in his gut that he was not alone the machine would light up. Perhaps it was just a passing field of negative ions moving in the earth, or maybe it was something far more eldritch.

Over the years this machine has been passed down to members of the Kaiser family. Several diaries and David Kaiser's original lab notes have been passed down with the machine. Over the years the family has come to believe that the machine is controlled by paranormal phenomena. Emily Kaiser swore that the spirit of David Kaiser himself was using the machine to show his loving presence.

In 1977 the machine was sold to Jonathon West the renowned metaphysical investigator and bigfoot hunter. Within days of acquiring the machine, he could swear he saw it light up or flicker from time to time. He observed it and made notes of the time of day, room temperature etc when it would light up. Even moved it to different areas of the house and still it would sometimes glow and flicker. He found that placing object that where once important to loved ones that had passed on would sometimes greatly increase the flickering of the machine. He found that speaking as if there was someone in the room with him would increase the flickering of the machine. When a lightning storm would pass near his house the machine would go crazy, glowing brightly for hours on end.
Jonathon West was in the process of writing a book about the machine and was in talks with a paranormal TV documentary program when he was tragically murdered.

For years this machine has sat forgotten, sitting on a shelf thought as nothing more than a quack free energy machine of little importance.